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Adzylytics provides advertising services and expects its advertisers to adhere to the following guidelines and best practices. By using Adzylytics’ platform, advertisers automatically agree to comply with these rules. Adzylytics reserves the right to modify the ad policy when deemed necessary.

Prohibited Content:

  1. Violence: Advertisements propagating or glorifying violence are strictly prohibited.

  2. Adult Sexual Content: Advertisements containing adult sexual content, products, or services of a sexual nature are not allowed.

  3. Discrimination and Offensive Content: Advertisements encouraging discrimination, hate, or containing offensive or profane materials are prohibited.

  4. Weapons and Related Goods: Advertisements promoting weapons or related goods are not allowed.

  5. Illegal Drugs and Substances: Advertisements promoting drugs, drug supplies, or substances that are illegal are strictly prohibited.

  6. Tobacco Products: Advertisements for tobacco products and related accessories, including electronic smoking equipment, are not allowed.

  7. Hacker-Related Materials: Advertisements mentioning or promoting hacker attacks, fraud, spyware, malware, or any form of hardware/software damage are prohibited.

  8. Copyright Violations: Advertisements promoting copyright infringement, including torrents, P2P sharing, or other illegal sharing methods, are not allowed.

  9. Fake or Counterfeit Products: Advertisements for fake, counterfeit, or potentially dangerous products or services are strictly prohibited.

  10. Illegal Goods and Services: Advertisements for illegal goods, services, or content that encourage socially dangerous activities are not allowed.

  11. User-Generated Content: Advertisements containing user-generated content that has not undergone necessary moderation are prohibited.

  12. Clickbait: Advertisements using clickbait techniques or encouraging users to perform specific actions like clicking or downloading are not allowed.

  13. False or Misleading Statements: Advertisements containing false or misleading statements, such as “get rich quick” schemes, are prohibited.

  14. Religious and Hate Content: Advertisements related to religious content, certain spiritual practices, or promoting hate towards specific communities based on race, nationality, sexual orientation, or social status are not allowed.

  15. Abuse and Substance Abuse: Advertisements depicting scenes of abuse or substance abuse are strictly prohibited.

  16. Hunting and Animal Cruelty: Advertisements promoting hunting or shooting animals are not allowed.

  17. Unregistered Products: Advertisements for products that require state registration but lack such registration are prohibited.

  18. Endangered Animal Species: Advertisements for products derived from endangered animal species are strictly prohibited.


Restricted Content:

  1. Alcoholic Beverages: Advertisements featuring alcoholic beverages are subject to restrictions.

  2. Online Gambling: Advertisements for online gambling services, casinos, or lotteries with real money cash out features are allowed with certain restrictions.

  3. Prescription Medicines and Health Products: Advertisements for prescription medicines, food supplements, and health products are subject to restrictions.

  4. Financial Services: Advertisements for finance consulting services, loans, financial planning, hedge funding, insurance, investing, mutual funds, options, retirement planning, and similar financial services are allowed with restrictions.

  5. Political Campaigns: Advertisements associated with political campaigns are subject to restrictions.

  6. Pregnancy Content: Advertisements related to pregnancy are allowed with certain restrictions.

  7. Freebies and Contests: Advertisements for freebies and contests are subject to restrictions.

  8. Adult Humor: Advertisements containing adult humor are allowed with certain restrictions.

  9. Adult-Themed Dating and Escort Services: Advertisements for adult-themed dating, escort services, “mail-orderbrides,” or similar services are subject to restrictions.

  10. Recreational Drugs: Advertisements promoting recreational drugs are allowed with certain restrictions.

  11. Fireworks: Advertisements for fireworks are subject to restrictions.

  12. Content for Kids: Advertisements targeting children are subject to restrictions.

  13. Extrasensory Services: Advertisements for extrasensory persons, astrologers, predictors of the future, etc., are subject to restrictions.

  14. Disparaging or Competitive Content: Advertisements that disparage or compete with Adzylytics are not allowed.


Prohibited Creative Attributes:

  1. Auto-Redirect Ads: Ads that automatically redirect the user without their engagement or action (e.g., click, touch) are strictly prohibited.

  2. Deceptive Ads Resembling User Interface Elements: Ads that resemble user interface elements (e.g., text boxes) or fail to ask for user permission before initiating services/fees are not allowed. This includes click-to-call and click-to-subscribe ads that lack an intermediary landing page or clear explanation of associated terms and fees.

  3. URLs Contradicting Promised Content: Ads with URLs leading users to pages that contradict the content promised in the initial ad are prohibited.

  4. Spyware or Potentially Harmful Software: Ads with creative content aiming to install spyware or potentially harmful software on users’ devices are strictly prohibited.

  5. .APK Files Bypassing Official App Stores: Ads containing .apk files that bypass official app stores like AppStore and Google Store are not allowed.

  6. Phishing Techniques: Ads utilizing phishing techniques to ask users to disclose personal information are strictly prohibited.

  7. Replication of System Device Notifications and Messages: Ads replicating system device notifications and messages, such as Windows Dialog or Alert Style, play, chat, or other system functions, are not allowed.

  8. Automatically Initiated or Downloaded Ads: Ads that are initiated or downloaded automatically without user permission, which may pose potential safety risks, are strictly prohibited.

  9. Compliance and Dispute Resolution: Adzylytics expects advertisers to comply with the mentioned recommendations and regulations to create honest and safe advertising campaigns that show respect for the audience. If an ad has been rejected by mistake, advertisers are encouraged to contact their dedicated account manager to resolve the situation in accordance with Adzylytics’ policies.


Adzylytics expects advertisers to comply with the mentioned recommendations and regulations to create honest and safe advertising campaigns that show respect to the audience. In case an ad is rejected and the advertiser believes it was a mistake, they can contact their dedicated account manager to resolve the situation in accordance with Adzylytics’ policies.

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